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 London Dating Summit 2018 – break the cycle of disappointing dates and meet people  in real life

November 24th 2018nd 13:00-17:00

7 Internationally Recognised Speakers, Coaches and Authors share their insights and knowledge on love, dating and meeting people to inspire, and empower you.

VENUE – Blooms Business Club for Female Founders, Liverpool Street.

We are proud to present our ultimate guide to Dating in London. 

Early Bird Tickets £97 JUST £47

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Our speaker’s have been featured in:


  • How to shake up and deal with your emotions from top coach & speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen who empowers women to be in total partnership with themselves.

  • How to stop wearing black – develop a signature style for your dates talk with style consultant Daisy Shubert from Wardrobe Workshop

  • How to develop your online personal brand – whether you want a kickass Instagram or an amazing Bumble profile Branding Expert Alexandra Van Vianen can help.

  • How to work out who you should date – the art of matchmaking by top matchmaker Siobhan Copland from Catch Me Cupid

  • How to spot red flags and get out of toxic relationships by TEDx speaker and domestic abuse advocate Rosie Allen.

  • How to use dating hacks from history on modern dating with author of ‘The Curious History of Dating’ Nichi Hodgson.

  • How to approach men in real life and change your attitude to love forever by dating expert, author and TEDx speaker Hayley Quinn.

  • ***Plus Luxury Goodie Bags for all attendees with treats from Neutrogena and NOSH Detox amongst others

Early Bird Tickets £97 JUST £47

If you have any questions, you can send me an email: [email protected]


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Hayley Quinn

Hayley Quinn is a TEDx speaker, soon to be author, and founder of Dating Brand ww.hayleyquinn.comHayley uses her online platforms, viral video creating YouTube and live events to teach women a new female empowerment approach to love and dating. Be prepared to burn the dating rulebook and find your confidence in love.

Peach Tea

Keynote: What pictures work for online dating.
Here at Peach Tea we work with individuals in creating beautiful images that best represent themselves for use in online dating. We use simple lighting setups and uncomplicated poses to create a stunning composed editorial of you & your personality.

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Keynote: Secrets for building a solid foundation of self-esteem from top coach & speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen, who shows women how to be in total partnership with themselves.

Daisy Schubert

Keynote: Let your outfit do the talking – how to create a signature style for dates
Daisy believes that no woman should be at war with her wardrobe. As a qualified personal stylist she helps women to create a capsule wardrobe that reflects their colour, body, lifestyle and personality profile.

Madeleine Mason

Keynote: – Initiating dates – psychologist and dating coach from Passion Smiths. Madeleine will be showing you how dating is a two way process and how you can select which men make a move on you.

Siobhan Copland

Keynote: Who should you date? The art of matchmaking
Siobhan is a professional matchmaker and founder of Catch Me Cupid.

Early Bird Tickets £97 JUST £47

If you have any questions, you can send me an email: [email protected]

Why Should You Attend?



  • Confidence comes from competence if you feel like you have tried everything or are losing your motivation to believe that your dating life could improve you need to meet us and discover your new action plan for dating. Me and my team of coaches and speakers are experts at helping you to meet great dates in real life, no more over reliance on dating apps. 



  • We think nothing of getting a round of drinks, or new season jacket but when it comes to investing in our education, wellbeing, identity and self-esteem we often neglect this area of our lives. Instead of spending money on a Bumble subscription or an uber home from a bad date, join us for a day devoted to you.



  • If you want more friends who share your goals, and to get closer to yours by meeting inspiring mentors you are in the right place. It is proven that if you spend time with role models and see people who are like you succeeding you will push through your mental boundaries to success and really achieve. Whether you’re joining us to learn practical dating skills to have better dates, or you just want a confidence booster, then you will be surrounded by inspiring new men and women to connect with. 

Early Bird Tickets £97 JUST £47

If you have any questions, you can send me an email: [email protected]

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